Status quo was yesterday. Change is upon us at multiple levels: data and digitally driven business models, an array of emerging disruptive technologies – with associates and society continually demanding more. While strong execution is still the foundation for any organization, long-term success requires a compelling vision, inspirational leadership, sharp focus and responsible business conduct as a license to operate.


Seeking a fresh, external perspective from a seasoned professional who looks at your business holistically and believes in people, performance and innovation? We offer activity- or outcome-driven consultancy projects to suit your needs.


Nearly any existing team has the potential to do better: in collaboration and support for each other, focus on a common vision and well-understood empowerment and accountabilities. Sound leadership does make a difference to get there – and beyond. Inspirational leadership will motivate associates to go the extra mile and enjoy it! Performance and fun are not mutually exclusive; they feed upon each other.


If you’re thinking about leadership and further developing your own leadership brand – and need a sounding board to listen and offer proven ideas and perspectives, we offer both short and longer-term mentoring.


Rainer Boehm GmbH carefully selects assignments as an independent non-executive board member. A limited number of assignments can be accepted due to the time requirements of each, as well as to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest. If you’d like to complement the team of independent directors on your board with a senior health care leader living the mantra “ambitious yet humble,” I welcome an initial confidential discussion to explore mutual fit.